Monthly Archive:: December 2014

The Female Orgasm

Are men really that lazy?

The Skinny on the Female Libedo

They love back rubs that much??? Wait. What???

Facebook Relationships

It ruins everything from your relationship with your boyfriend(s) and your girlfriend(s)!

Would You Date You?

Well, would you?

Does He Like Me?

He loves me. He loves me not. But, does he like me?

Like Your Date to be Dirty?

Do you like a more classy date or a just plain dirty one?

Dating with Skype

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve or on your Skype account?

Dating Smarter

Do YOU date SMART? Check out the infographic below to find out!  

Dating Facts

Just the facts.

Dating Nerves

Do your nerves get the best of you when it comes to dating? So do ours!  Check out the psychology of dating nerves.