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Battle of the Sexes

Just in case you don’t think women and men battle each other enough, check this out!

Forty-Five Ways to Avoid a Dating Disaster

There are many ways to avoid disasters when it comes to dating, forty-five to be exact! Got more? Add them in the comments below!

The Art of Making Out

Think you’ve got making out down? Maybe you don’t. Check out these tips showing the art!

Natural Aphrodisiacs

Check out these natural aphrodisiacs that might surprise you!

A Perfect Dating Guide

Check out the dos and don’t to the perfect dating guide! Feel free to add anything that isn’t already listed in the comments below!

Five Things to Avoid on a First Date

Here are five quick things to think about as you prepare for a first date! ┬áIf you have any more to add, be sure to add them in the comments below.    

Sexy Ideas for a Romantic Night

Check out these seven ideas to create a romantic evening for that special someone! Feel free to share them with anyone this might help out! If you use one of them, leave a comment